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    LATEST NEWS July-August 2019

    IVWear successful with wearable IV
    The Groningen-based start-up IVWear is making head-lines. Last May, the student entrepreneurs claimed the first prize of the prestigious student start-up Anner Award competition, last week it was announced that IVWear was awarded a subsidy-loan under the Take-off phase 2: Vroegefasetrajecten programme (ZonMw/NWO). The Take-off phase 2 programme aims at stimulating and supporting business and entrepreneurship from the (applied) sciences. IVWear has been established in collaboration with the University of Groningen and SPRINT.

    Ivy One innovation ready for the market
    IVWear designed a wearable IV in order to replace the IV well-kown pole: ‘The IV pole stands for being ill and dependent. IV-Wear wants to change that image forever.’
    Numerous studies endorse that movement is a key factor when it comes to a quick recovery, but the current IV pole hinders
    the patients when moving around. The pole is large, heavy and very visible. With the patented wearable IV, the Ivy One, patients are freed from the IV pole. Patients experience a newfound freedom of movement and are enabled to exercise more. They get out of bed more often and recover in a better and quicker matter. Most importantly, they are allowed to go home earlier. Yearly, more than 1 million patients in the Dutch hospitals alone receive IV therapy.

    SPRINT is a Centre of Research Excellence founded in 2011. It is aimed towards senior citizens regaining or improving their mobility, a goal that is gaining importance because of the ageing populations of many western societies.
    The central within SPRINT are Smart Mobility Devices: smart technical solutions to help especially elderly people to longer maintain their independent mobility. The new devices prevent a decrease in mobility and provides better rehabilitation, preferably within the home environment. In addition SPRINT will develop new prostheses and orthoses.

    The various new technologies will be developed in close cooperation with: Universitair Medisch Centrum Groningen, Rijksuniversiteit GroningenUniversiteit Twente,  and a variety of  companies and institutions.

    Do you have an idea for such a project?

    SPRINT is always looking for new projects and new partners for cooperation.   Sign in here!

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