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    LATEST NEWS March 2020

    In this restyled edition of the SPRINT neswletter, you can read the story of SPRINT partner and Amsterdam-based entrepreneur Arjen Brinkman of PS-Medtech. Brinkman reviews the successful SPRINT symposium, last February, University of Twente, City of Enschede. Read his story.

    Arjen Brinkman: We took some valuable ideas back home’
    Entrepreneur Arjen Brinkman is one of the driving forces behind the Vesalius3D concept: Visualization of patient specific anatomy’. Vesalius3D is a distinctive and successful innovation concept used by hospitals in the Netherlands and abroad. ‘Our users are very satisfied with the Vesalius3D performance,’ Brinkman tells an attentive audience of PhD’s, researchers, entrepreneurs, investors and policymakers at the SPRINT symposium. ‘Now it is time to scale up our innovative 3D imaging technology outside the hospital environment and to enter new markets.’ Visualisation of data presented by CT- of MRI-scans Vesalius3D makes medical case histories understandable by means of 3D software, and presenting them in such a handy and low-threshold way that the transfer of information pays off in any working environment. Vesalius3D offers the possibility of visualising the immediate surroundings of the point in the body and gives direct insight by showing the patient-specific structure. The Vesalius3D image is a presentation of data such as is presented as standard by CT or MRI scans. ‘Offering comprehensible transfer of information in such a handy and lowthreshold way is our unique selling point,’ stresses Arjen proudly

    SPRINT is a Centre of Research Excellence founded in 2011. It is aimed towards senior citizens regaining or improving their mobility, a goal that is gaining importance because of the ageing populations of many western societies.
    The central within SPRINT are Smart Mobility Devices: smart technical solutions to help especially elderly people to longer maintain their independent mobility. The new devices prevent a decrease in mobility and provides better rehabilitation, preferably within the home environment. In addition SPRINT will develop new prostheses and orthoses.

    The various new technologies will be developed in close cooperation with: Universitair Medisch Centrum Groningen, Rijksuniversiteit GroningenUniversiteit Twente,  and a variety of  companies and institutions.

    Do you have an idea for such a project?

    SPRINT is always looking for new projects and new partners for cooperation.   Sign in here!

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