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    LATEST NEWS May 2020

    COVID-19: from disease to quality of life.
    People who have been hospitalized by a corona infection (COVID-19) often come out of the hospital seve-rely weakened. Muscle loss, damaged lungs, IC trauma, require an intensive recovery program. SPRINT partners Lode, ProCare and Relitech make an important contribution to the rehabilitation process towards a new quality of life. Read their story in the newsletter of May 2020 COVID-19 special edition.

    The Groningen COVID-19 Rehab-websiteis making headlines worldwide
    In early April 2020, SPRINT partners Lode and ProCare launched its brand new website COVID-19 Rehab. The website is an intriguing interplay of multidisciplinary knowledge where science, industry and healthcare come together to jointly find solutions for the medical and mental consequences caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. ‘Our aim is to accelerate healthcare innovation by sharing knowledge,’ Paul Mulder says. Paul is a Senior Business Development Specialist at Lode Holding B.V., the parent company that includes the subsidiaries Lode and ProCare. Sharing knowledge worldwide of the importance of patient mobility during and after hospitalization, for example.
    Patients who stay in an Intensive Care Unit for a long time lose body weight, muscle strength and size of muscle tissue due to immobility. ‘And less muscle mass makes rehabilitation more difficult,’ stresses the Groningen business developer. Monitoring muscle strength is therefore essential on the way to a successful recovery, continues Mulder. The Groningen-based Lode and ProCare companies have the knowledge and facilities to monitor the fitness of corona patients during the entire recovery process in real time. Based on that information, the rehabilitation process can be adjusted. Paul: ‘We deliver customized health care service.’


    More and more students and PhDs choose for entrepreneurship after their studies. Connecting science to society. The Groningen MedTech spin-offs Ivy Medical and geriaMOVE originated from the knowledge base of IMDI-SPRINT and UMCG. In collaboration with the University of Groningen, Ivy Medical is developing a portable IV drip to replace the well-known IV pole. GeriaMOVE is developing a serious game that, in a playful way, invites people to train their lower leg muscles in preparation for abdominal surgery. In the video below, they introduce themselves.

    The various new technologies will be developed in close cooperation with: Universitair Medisch Centrum Groningen, Rijksuniversiteit GroningenUniversiteit Twente,  and a variety of  companies and institutions.

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