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    LATEST NEWS March 2019

    More and more hospitals join the trend to become a move-hospital. Move-hospitals focus their living environment so that patients during hospitalization are challenged to move more to keep in shape. Research shows that patients in good physical condition are more resilient when undergoing surgery, during recovery and rehabilitation afterwards. Mrs. Beheshta Doestzada, student Biomedical Sciences and Medicine, and CEO of health care spin-off geriaMOVE, designed with SPRINT a serious game concept whereby patients in bed can work out their leg muscles after abdominal surgery.

    SPRINT is a Centre of Research Excellence founded in 2011. It is aimed towards senior citizens regaining or improving their mobility, a goal that is gaining importance because of the ageing populations of many western societies.
    The central within SPRINT are Smart Mobility Devices: smart technical solutions to help especially elderly people to longer maintain their independent mobility. The new devices prevent a decrease in mobility and provides better rehabilitation, preferably within the home environment. In addition SPRINT will develop new prostheses and orthoses.

    The various new technologies will be developed in close cooperation with: Universitair Medisch Centrum Groningen, Rijksuniversiteit GroningenUniversiteit Twente,  and a variety of  companies and institutions.

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