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    IMDI Talent award 2018-2019 nomination
    New instrumented beam walking system to measure walking balance

    BME-Master student Peter Tuin, University of Groningen, has been nominated for the IMDI Talent award 2018-2019. The Talent prize awards sustainable health care solutions. Tuin designed an instrumented beam walking system to measure walking balance. ‘Falling, especially by elderly, has severe consequences ranging from fractures, fear and reduced mobility to even death,‘ says the young researcher: ‘A decrease of balance is one of the causes of falling.’
    Tuin’s instrumented beam walking system builds on research of Tibor Hortobágyi, Prof. of Healthy Ageing, UMCG. The group of Hortobágyi studies measuring walking balance, walking ability and fall risk, by letting subjects walk over beams. They desire an instrumented beam walking system which can measure walking balance. Peter: ‘My prototype is able to measure all the desired variables accurately, while being quickly administrable at a low cost.’ The IMDI Talent award honors the best graduation research thesis on a new medical device and/or an e-Health application. The winner of the Talent award will be announced at the IMDI congress, November 27. The laureate will recieve €1500.

    Walking balance in a testing environment

    SPRINT is a Centre of Research Excellence founded in 2011. It is aimed towards senior citizens regaining or improving their mobility, a goal that is gaining importance because of the ageing populations of many western societies.
    The central within SPRINT are Smart Mobility Devices: smart technical solutions to help especially elderly people to longer maintain their independent mobility. The new devices prevent a decrease in mobility and provides better rehabilitation, preferably within the home environment. In addition SPRINT will develop new prostheses and orthoses.

    The various new technologies will be developed in close cooperation with: Universitair Medisch Centrum Groningen, Rijksuniversiteit GroningenUniversiteit Twente,  and a variety of  companies and institutions.

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