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  • PS-Medtech

    PS-Medtech is a science-based high tech company with 10+ years of experience. PS-Medtech develops solutions for the following trends in the medical industry:
    •The exponential growth in medical data
    •The shift from open to image guided surgery

    The amount of 3D and 4D volumetric images generated by equipment like MRI, CT and Ultrasound is growing rapidly. There is no time to analyze the images slide by slide. The behavior on how medical professionals interact with complex 3D and 4D patient data needs to change if they want to remain effective and efficient.

    Our objective is to offer realistic and comprehensive tools that will help practitioners and students to digest complex medical data faster, sharpen their skills and prepare for better patient outcomes.

    In surgery there is a shift towards minimal invasive image guided surgery. It is essential to know the real time location of surgical instruments inside the body and the ability to navigate instruments to the correct locations.

    PS-Medtech offers ICT for intuitive volumetric medical imaging and 3D navigation. Our products are characterized by their robustness, completeness and ease of use.

    PS-Medtech, Amsterdam