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    Automated distribution system for medication

    Scientific research on 600 hospital admissions in five internal departments led to the observation that 60% of the medication prescriptions contained one or more
    medication errors. In 2% of these errors this led to damage to the patient. After further investigation, it became apparent that medication errors are being made and that the distribution process is inefficient. In addition, waste of medication is also a recurring problem. A medication error is an error that occurs at every possible point in the medication distribution process. Most mistakes are made when providing medication to patients, the dose of the medication and the type of medication.

    Within the current process of distributing medication the nurses distribute the medication manually. The innovative technology being investigated within SPRINT offers the possibility to replace the problems within this human process with technology. In recent years, specific research has been done into the development of medication distribution. It was decided to solve these problems by developing a system that distributes medications in a more efficient, safer and faster way.

    The need to reduce these medication errors in healthcare institutions created the idea of developing an automated medication distribution system. In this way a human factor is removed and the number of medication errors will be reduced. The harmony in the workplace will improve; the nurse will be able to focus more on the patient. This will improve the quality of care. However, automating the distribution of medication requires new innovative solutions for both the technical and practical aspects.

    The purpose of this project is:
    Developing a concept for an automated distribution system of medication in healthcare
    institutions. The benefits of this system are:
    • Medication error reduction
    • A more efficient way of working for nurses
    • Medication waste reduction