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  • Exergaming for children with motor disabilities

    Children with a motor disability often come up against physical barriers. Many of them cannot take part in regular games and sports, and risk becoming less physically fit than their non-disabled peers. This in turn increases their health risks in later life. Exergames (exercise and gaming) encourage this group to be more active, take more exercise and interact socially with other children.

    Various partners are working on this project to develop a training programme for children with Developmental Coordination Disorders (DCD). The programme focuses on improving physical fitness. Small practical experiments have been set up to study ways of integrating exergaming effectively into training programmes. The degree to which the levels in the exergames can be adjusted is a good example. The user experience of children, parents and professionals is an important evaluation criterion. In addition to developing exergames, the project is also exploring ways of integrating exergaming into rehabilitation programmes, physical education and children’s own home environments.

    Bike game

    Bike game

    The aim of the project:

    The aim of the project is to use exergaming and modern media to help children with a motor disability to organize and evaluate their rehabilitation more smartly and efficiently in their own living environment.