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  • WP’s: Exergaming for balance training of elderly citizen

     WP1:  Development of a serious game for balance training of elderly citizen (software);

    Coordinator: Albert Sikkema – GameAcademy

    In WP1, the software for the serious game for balance training is developed. 8D Games, a game company from Leeuwarden develops and designs the game concept. The game is being developed in close cooperation with the other WPs, which provide information such as user needs, training elements, data analysis, interface requirements, which are processed in the game. In addition, the game will be integrated in a remote monitoring tool (WP4).

    WP2:  Sensortechnology, data-aquisition en algorithm development  (hardware);

    Coordinator: Jan Stegenga – INCAS3

    In this work package the sensor technology will be researched and if required, further developed, as well as any equipment needed for the training aspect. Also, we will develop the algorithms needed for recognizing the player’s movements (including training) and for quantifying balance. The individual sensor signals will be read, digitized and interpreted. The specifications for the sensors and the system as a whole are researched in cooperation with WP1 and WP3. Analysed data will be sent to several ‘users’, e.g. the game (WP1, direct feedback) and the back office (WP4). The work of PhD student Mike Van Diest is central to the work package.

    WP3:   User requirement, balance analysis and validation;

    Coordinator: Claudine Lamoth – UMCG

    In this WP the needs of the users and the validation of the game are central. Together with Waag Society we will work according to the principle of “users as designers”. Co-creation sessions are organized to identify needs, wishes and requirements of the elderly citizen and information form these session serve as input for the subsequent game and/or service development. In addition, the Exergame will be validated using a fall simulation setup in the CAREN Lab (Computer Assisted Rehabilitation lab; Gameship).  An intervention study will be performed among elderly citizen using the exergaming to test and validate the exergame for balance training and fall prevention (Lianne de Vries PhD-student).

    WP4:  Telemonitoring development and services;

    Coordinator: Hans Wortman – RUG

    In WP4, a telemonitoring system will be developed for the Exergame-project that is running within SPRINT. Such a telemonitoring system is one of the goals of SPRINT. The proposed telemonitoring system is able to collect data of mobility devices when the elderly user is at home or en route, analyse the data, inform the physician or other supervisor with statistical data providing insight in the behaviour and condition of the elderly user, about misuse and functional errors of mobility devices over time and when the elderly user requires urgent care for instance when he cannot recover from a fall or other incident.

    The telemonitoring system will be developed for this specific exergame, but should be so general that it can be applied as well, with some modifications, for training of mobility, muscle strength, and gait both in prevention and in rehabilitation.

    WP5:  Business case; valorization

    Coordinator: Ruud vd Bilt – RUG

    Valorisation means further adding value to the (partial) results of the project. This should ensure that there is in the end a new product or products will be brought on the final market. In this work package in collaboration with all partners of the different work packages the possibilities for valorisation are considered and worked out.  The possible products, the contribution of the various partners, the roles of partners in the marketing of it and the business models that go with them will be explored. The final choices made in this process will be as much as possible elaborated within the duration of the concrete project