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  • Rehab-4-Life for people with Acquired Brain Injury (ABI)

    For many people with ABI, the transition from a rehabilitation clinic to home can feel like a ‘black hole’. They need a central figure, such as a coach for multiple problems, who will help them to get on with their life once they get home. Rehab-4-Life is fulfilling this need by offering combined home and long-distance coaching.

    Visual communication

    Visual communication

    The project focuses on the continued development and evaluation of a new care arrangement. This arrangement combines the innovative concept of a coach for multiple problems with innovative care technology such as image communication and digital speech therapy using an iPad, which are provided close to home. It is an innovation and implementation project, revolving around the process of co-creation with various end users. In order to evaluate the quality and affordability of this care arrangement, we are also working on a business case, including potentially relevant ‘participation’ measuring instruments. Testing a GPS tracking tool to analyse the mobility of ABI clients in their home is a good example.


    TIAS app

    Picture GPS tracking

    GPS tracking

    The aim of the project:

    The aim of the project is to use innovative technology to provide smarter, more efficient rehabilitation care, including in the home.