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  • An in-room exercise machine for elderly (LEMED)

    The segment of the population over age 65 will increase to 25% from the current 12%. This reorganization of population structure suggests that there will be many old adults who will live for a long time. Many old adults lose their independence due to the evolution of mobility disability, i.e., inability to change position inside their house or in the environment outside the house.

    The major source of mobility disability is weakness and muscle loss (sarcopenia). Currently there is no effective method other than the use of mechanical load to delay sarcopenia by strengthening muscles. European health agencies identified poor access to such in-home systems as a barrier to combat sarcopenia.

    The goal of the project

    The goal of the project is conceptualize and create a device in an effort to minimize the detrimental effects of sarcopenia on old adults muscle strength and function, delay mobility disability and has a fun factor.



    The effect of sarcopenia