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  • Sensor preventing overloading during rehabilitation

    When a patient has received an operation on a leg, rehabilitation is necessary for that patient. During this period of rehabilitation it is important that the patient continues to move. The movement accelerates the recovery prices. The load on the leg however, must remain relatively low.

    If too much load is put on the leg too early this can cause damage, and it can also slow down the recovery prices. It is necessary to find a balance between movement and avoiding overloading of the leg. The maximum load is established by the doctor and will be stored in the sensor.

    Aim of this project:

    A load-sensor from 1978

    A load-sensor from 1978

    The aim of the project is to create a system that warns the patient when an overload on the leg is imminent. This warnings allows the patient to immediately reduce the load on the leg, preventing the overload from actually occurring. The secondary goal of the project is to assess the functioning of the system.