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    Dear SPRINT participant

    On this secure page you can find a number of links at the bottom that lead to potential products and projects that are a result of research and brainstorm sessions. Please read the potential projects and get inspired.

    If you have found ideas that you would like to take forward as a project, please explain your approach (preferably in English) on the standard form: Project proposal SPRINT, which can be downloaded from Standard SPRINT Project forms. Once you have filled in the form you can send it to SPRINT as an attachment by e-mail.
    We will have a look at the proposal and will keep you informed on the progress of the proposed project.

    On behalf of the SPRINT MT we wish you success with your developments.

    Potential products:

    1.  Schrijver, Annemarie 27.05.10 (NXPowerLite)
    Titel: Reproducibility of Standing Posture for X-Ray Radiography and 3D ultrasound scanning of the spine to follow scoliosis.
    Bron: Universiteit Twente, BME

    2. Pieterse, Gert Jan 20.01.12 (NXPowerLite))
    Titel:Design of a joint lock for prosthetic fingers.
    Bron: Universiteit Twente, BME

    3. Klaassen, Bart 20.04.12 (NXPowerLite)
    Titel: The development of an automatic motorized camera system for clinical gait analysis.
    Bron: Universiteit Twente, BME

    4. Joosten, Céline 17.12.09 BME (NXPowerLite)
    Titel: Clean Dot Design, an online manual to help designers create sterile medical devices well suited for decontamination.
    Bron: Universiteit Twente, BME

    5. Ikelaar, Lucas 20.05.09 (NXPowerLite)
    Titel: Development and evaluation of an ambulant measurement system to detected deformation in prosthetic feet.
    Bron: Universiteit Twente, BME

    6. Doeven, Carry 25.11.10 (NXPowerLite)
    Titel: Design of a trunk orthosis for a wearable arm support.
    Bron: Universiteit Twente, BME

    7. Bergsma, Arjen 30.06.09 (NXPowerLite)
    Titel: Ontwerp van een draagbare arm ondersteuning met zwaartekracht compensatie.
    Bron: Universiteit Twente, BME

    8. Behrens, Bas 30.06.10 (NXPowerLite)
    Titel: Prototype Design of an Actuated Energy Efficient Transfemoral Prosthesis.
    Bron: Universiteit Twente, BME

    9. AA_FORM_Technology offer knee orthosis
    Titel: Knee orthosis.
    Bron: UMCG, BME

    10. AA_FORM_Technology offer acetabulum cup
    Titel: Innovative acetaculum cup for total hip replacement.
    Bron: UMCG, BME

    11. AA_FORM_Technology offer osteointegrating implant
    Titel: Osteointegrating implant.
    Bron: UMCG, BME