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    The three basic research themes.

    SPRINT will endeavour to improve mobility for mainly elderly people, on the basis of three themes. The patient is the most important in the development prices that leads to the best possible solution.  By creating a platform for knowledge centres and companies, SPRINT will contribute to providing a stimulus to using the most recent information and techniques to arrive at innovative solutions.

    SPRINT will enable the intended improvement in mobility on the basis of three themes.

    The research themes that SPRINT focuses on:

    1. Prevention: the development of training devices to improve balance, for use in the home environment.
    2. Rehabilitation: a part of the rehabilitation process is moved into the home environment; for this purpose devices are developed that can be operated by the patient without supervision,
    3. Prosthetics: creating intelligent prostheses and orthoses specifically for the patient.

    The research themes cover a total of five subjects:

    1. Serious gaming.
    2. Monitoring at a distance
    3. Learning behaviour
    4. Sensors
    5. Production and marketing

    De drie pijlers van SPRINT

    De drie pijlers en vijf onderwerpen van SPRINT