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  • About Sprint

    Mission + Strategy

    SPRINT Mission

    SPRINT will realise technology for personalized health self-management, including:

  • Validated and safe self-sensing systems
  • Decision Support System to determine health condition and advise the best intervention that restores health condition
  • Assistive devices and training systems to improve health (including mobility)
  • Feedback systems
  • ICT-platform for data transfer and feedback to users
  • Motivational strategies for adoption of technology
  • Organizational strategies for health as intrinsic value
  • Implementation with emphasis on validation and the promotion of market uptake
  • SPRINT Strategy

    SPRINT is able to make the difference, because SPRINT:

  • has a network of 80 companies, 9 unis/R&D, 7 Rehab centers
  • performs all stages of product design; from problem analysis to market introduction
  • includes all stakeholders in the design process (social innovation)
  • forms multidisciplinary teams by activating the SPRINT-network
  • forms public/private partnerships
  • is part of the IMDI-community
  • has a good overview of grant possibilities
  • is qualified as Center of Research Excellence
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